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People give to the Foundation in a variety of ways, such as responding to one of our annual appeals, starting a fund, or leaving a legacy gift.

Our Donors Make Eden Prairie Better

Our donor, event attendees, and fund holders make good things happen in Eden Prairie.

Our donors, event attendees, and fund holders make good things happen in Eden Prairie.

Your neighbors give back to Eden Prairie in a wide range of ways — by making a donation or starting a fund, to name two examples.

Here are examples of people increasing the impact of their giving through the Eden Prairie Community Foundation. If you’d like to learn more about these opportunities, or how donating to the Foundation helps you give more effectively, please reach out to us.

Also, you can check out the stories and comprehensive list of donors in our 2017 Annual Report (PDF)

Donor-Advised Funds

A gift of at least $10,000 allow donors to actively participate in grant-making. Current donor-advised funds at EPCF include:

Bradford and Beverly Aho Family Fund
Pastor Rod & Julane Anderson Family Fund
Bruce E. and Terry E. Hutchins Donor-Advised Fund
Jeff Lukens and Nancy Tyra Lukens Fund
Luger Heim Family Fund
Michelle Fund / Joe and Carol Stoebner

Legacy Society

These generous donors have included the Foundation in their estate planning:

Pastor Rod and Julane Anderson
Laura and Duane Hookom
Bruce and Terry Hutchins

Society of Founders

A minimum gift of $5,000 — payments of $1,000 per year over five years, for example — entitles donors to establish an unrestricted endowment in the name of their choosing. Society of Founders members are:

Pastor Rod and Julane Anderson
Dan and Marilyn Boeckermann
Patrick Bernal and Marianne Cook
Laura and Duane Hookom
Bruce and Terry Hutchins
Jeff Lukens and Nancy Tyra-Lukens
Joe and Carol Stoebner
Mark and Roma Weber
Basil and Mary Jane Wissner

2017 Partnerships

A new Foundation offering is called “Partnerships,” and businesses in this category are year-long sponsors of nearly all Foundation events.

Flagship Bank

Century Givers

Eden Prairie residents and businesses are responding to our mid-year 2017 Century Giving appeal, which is just one of the Foundation’s appeals. A list of cumulative 2016 giving is in our annual report — see the link, above — and you can download a list of last year’s Century Givers below.

2016 Century Givers (PDF)

Here are our 2017 Century Givers to date (we’ll update this list as more contributions arrive):

Patron Givers ($1,000-$2,499)
Andrew Currie and Ames Sheldon
Fred and Carol deCastro

Century Gold ($500-$999)
Scott and Cynthia Anderson
Roy and JoAnn Ferber
Mary Johander
Carol Rueppel
Renee and Jamal Rushdy
Joe and Carol Stoebner
Nancy Tyra-Lukens and Jeff Lukens
Dan and Sheila Ward

Century Silver ($250-$499)
Pastor Rod and Julane Anderson
Jim and Lynne Crist
Jack and Avis Galleger
Bob and Joanie Grootwassink
Kevin and Mary Gustafson
Bruce and Terry Hutchins
Joyce Lorenz
Douglas and Jane Nemecek
Glenn and Kathleen Olson
Sidney and Roger Pauly (in memory of Duane Pidcock)
John and Rhoda Peifer
Don Romanaggi
Steve and Sue Sandness
James Senske
Kit and Ty Thayer

Century Givers ($100-$249)
Bev and Brad Aho
Sonja Anderson
Vicki and Buzz Benson
Craig and Susan Blixrud
Ken and Carol Bomben
Curtis and Kay Botko
Ron and Kathie Case
Curt and Mary Connaughty
Curt and Rita Conrad
Elizabeth and James Craig Jr.
Bernard DeLaRosa
Laurie Diercks
David Eckstein and Jacalyn Ward-Eckstein
Mark Engstrom and JoAnne Slavin
Barbara and James Gabbert
Karen and Brian Holcomb
Bill and Casey Hooke
Laura and Duane Hookom
Bill and Randi Horn
Scott Hugdahl and Leslie Martens
Debra and Gary Keeler
Jeffrey Kirst
Lions Tap
Kent and Julie Molde
Cindy Prins
Robin and Steve Silverman
Gene and Bev Storms
Roy Terwilliger
Autumn and David Tysk
Jim and Jean Way
Mark and Roma Weber
Sherry Wickstrom
Steve and Cindy Wolfe
Jeanne Zetah and Pete Bellus

Supporting Givers ($1-$99)
Jennifer Ebert
Diane Hansen
Thomas and Margaret Johnson
Joe Langer
Alison Noble
Tony and Anita Phillippi
Rebecca Sundquist




Lead with Us

If you have leadership skills and talents that would help grow the Eden Prairie Community Foundation, you might be a great addition to our board of directors or committees. We’d love to share more information. Contact Mark Weber, executive director, at (952) 949-8499 or via email.

Give your way

While unrestricted donations to the Eden Prairie Community Foundation are routed to the greatest local needs, you can also direct your contribution to a specific fund held at the Foundation, or a particular interest area.

Better yet, you and your family can become grant-makers by starting a fund at the Foundation. Be in touch to learn more.

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