Many beliefs, but one ‘community’

In our experience, a community that knows itself is more likely to have a shared sense of identity and purpose, and therefore make better informed decisions about its quality of life and its future.

We can’t think of any better first step toward achieving this goal in Eden Prairie than getting people together to talk.

So, a big “Congratulations!” to the members of the Interfaith Circle organization, which sponsored a gathering Dec. 4 at Eden Prairie High School that had 200 or so people getting to know each other and sharing their faith and spirituality stories. (Music and dance performances, as well as poetry reading, were also part of the event.) The Interfaith Circle group – which has a fund at the Foundation – hopes that gatherings of this type will lead to greater harmony and understanding, and so do we.

The Interfaith Circle is the rebirth, if you will, of a group that actively planned an annual Thanksgiving service in Eden Prairie between 2006 and 2013. Those events brought together many faith communities in an all-inclusive, non-denominational way, and most of the gatherings were held at Pax Christi Catholic Community.

Unfortunately, the annual event came to be seen as a Pax Christi gathering and thus lost some of that wide, grass-roots support and hard work that is often required to keep people engaged.

The new effort seeks to put down strong, community-wide roots without being aligned with any one faith community or church building, and therefore may have a better chance to survive and thrive. Let’s hope so.

You should also know that by holding a fund at the Foundation, this organization gains some advantages – one being tax-deductibility if you decide to financially support Interfaith Circle’s efforts. You can contribute to the Interfaith Circle Fund at any time, on the Foundation website or by writing a check to the Eden Prairie Community Foundation and mailing it to 8080 Mitchell Road, Eden Prairie, MN 55344.

If you give online, please note in our donation form’s “Comment” box that your tax-deductible contribution is intended for the Interfaith Circle Fund. If you send a check, please write “Interfaith Circle Fund” on the memo line.

We’re proud to act as Interfaith Circle’s fiscal sponsor, and even prouder of the major step forward taken Dec. 4. It falls right in line with a phrase we repeat often, here at the Foundation: We do better together.

(We took several photos at the Dec. 4 community celebration held by Interfaith Circle, and you can see them on our Flickr page.)

About the Author Mark Weber has been the executive director of the Eden Prairie Community Foundation since October 2013. In this role, he enjoys meeting with Eden Prairie residents, and being an active member of the community. If you’d like to connect with Mark, call him at (952) 949-8499 or email him. You can also read Mark’s full biography.




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