Past Grants

Your donations plus the Foundation's expertise equals significant granting impact in Eden Prairie. And, we've been doing it since 1981.

We Turn Your Donations into Grants

Thanks to the generosity of people in Eden Prairie, the Community Foundation has a long tradition of granting to fill unmet needs and change lives.

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Your donations are turned into impactful grants because we tap the knowledge and expertise of leaders and community members. This group — called the Grants Committee — reviews detailed grant applications and then deliberates awards to make sure that funding gets to where it’s needed most and has the greatest impact. You don’t need to know what every Eden Prairie nonprofit does — we do that for you!

This has been going on since 1981, meaning we’ve awarded about $2 million in grants to 100-plus nonprofits and agencies serving people who live and work in Eden Prairie — organizations as specialized as Cornerstone, which serves victims of domestic violence, and as broad as the Eden Prairie Fire Department.

If you really like detail, download the PDF below to view our grant history. It lists all of the Foundation’s grants back to ‘81.

EPCF Record of Grants – 1981 to 2020 (PDF)


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