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The Foundation's current Strategic Plan strives for greater impact by addressing hardship in more systemic ways, connecting nonprofits, uniting the community on diversity, and developing EPCF's capacity to do more.

The Foundation has a comprehensive Strategic Plan, adopted by its board of directors in 2020, that provides a roadmap for making a bigger impact on Eden Prairie.

The Foundation has been working to implement its new Strategic Plan since a board of directors retreat in 2020.

The four elements of the Strategic Plan are:

  • Hardship — Hunger, homelessness, and other socio-economic issues create physical, cognitive, emotional, and social roadblocks for families and especially children, leading to school-achievement gaps in an Eden Prairie known for its educational system. We’re aiming for systemic change.
  • Hub — There is no organization that serves as a connector so that EP’s greatest needs are comprehensively met without duplication and resources or solutions are communicated to residents and businesses. We strive to be that connector, working collaboratively with our partners.
  • Diversity — The Foundation will serve as a powerful tool to unite Eden Prairie by enabling and inspiring our “community of communities” to connect, collaborate, and celebrate but also actively work together to address the many challenges that we face.
  • Capacity — Making change at levels described here requires resources that go beyond what currently exist at the Foundation. Therefore, this ambitious strategic plan hinges on our ability to increase capacity, not just in financial support but also volunteerism. We will deepen our relationships across the board, and increasingly be the vehicle for generous Eden Prairie residents and businesses that wish to give back to the community.

We invite you to download a summary of the plan:

Strategic Plan Summary (PDF)

The team working on the Hardship portion of the plan is focusing on unemployment and affordable housing as initiatives. A new Unemployment Networking Group connecting local experts on this topic has been created. And, a separate group working on the topic of affordable housing is currently creating a new Housing Alliance.

The Hub team has created a new Online Resource Directory to serve residents looking for social services and other help. They are also connecting the 80-plus nonprofits and civic organizations serving Eden Prairie by recruiting volunteer “ambassadors” who will strengthen the Foundation’s relationships with these groups. This will make the Foundation more knowledgeable about Eden Prairie needs and will foster greater collaboration between these organizations.

All of this work requires volunteers who can contribute “brain power” to move things forward. If you are interested in serving on a team or committee in any of these areas, please contact Executive Director Mark Weber at [email protected] or (952) 949-8499 for more information.


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