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The Foundation convenes and collaborates because part of its mission is to be an Eden Prairie leader.

Everybody Pitches In

When the Eden Prairie Community Foundation organized in 1981, “everybody pitched in,” says Roy Terwilliger, one of the founders.

The Foundation annually gathers community leaders to say thanks and encourage collaboration.

Helping launch the Foundation and its events were people from Rotary, the chamber of commerce, the city and schools, the nonprofits that existed at the time, and many others.

That’s the sense of community the Foundation strives to maintain. And by community we don’t mean just geography, but a feeling of fellowship with others, a result of shared attitudes, interests, and goals.

Work with us. Together, we’re stronger

Are you a part of a local nonprofit, civic organization or other group in Eden Prairie? Join us! We are most effective when we work together. The Foundation helps make that happen, acting as a convener, a cultivator, a collaborator. And, yes, a partner. Here are a few examples of how we do that:

  • Foundation staff gathers monthly with other local nonprofit leaders for the informal Nonprofit Coffee Klatch, where valuable information is shared, advice is offered, and the seeds of collaboration are planted.
  • Annually, the Foundation and Flagship Bank hold the Community Leaders Luncheon, gathering leaders from local government, nonprofits, and service clubs to say thanks for giving back to Eden Prairie, and to build collaborations and long-lasting relationships that will benefit the community.
  • The Foundation, the City of Eden Prairie, and Eden Prairie Schools’ Community Education collaborate on the annual “GIVE Gathering,” a volunteer fair and nonprofit training event. Our year-long partner, Flagship Bank, helps in this effort.
  • We act as a fiscal sponsor to small groups tackling big projects: the construction of the Veterans Memorial or Eden Prairie Miracle Field; securing naming rights for the Sydney Galleger Memorial Pool; or building capacity to promote literacy (the Eden Prairie Reads Fund) or veteran support (the Eden Prairie-Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Fund).
  • And perhaps most important, we support the nonprofit community through our Granting Program, which over the years has provided nearly $2 million in grants to 80-some different organizations serving people who live or work in Eden Prairie — grants that fill unmet needs, create new programs, or fund important equipment and technology.

This is how a better community is created. And no other organization is better suited to do this than the Eden Prairie Community Foundation. But it doesn’t happen without your involvement and support.

Take the next step. Subscribe to our updates to keep tabs on ways you can get involved. Or reach out to Mark Weber, executive director, personally and let us know what you’re up to and whether you’d like to join in on programming like our monthly coffee.

Other Funders to Contact

If you’re an Eden Prairie nonprofit that regularly seeks grants and other funding for your local work, there are a number of funders and grant makers in addition to the Foundation. Download our 2018 Funders & Grant-Makers Guide for details.


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