Organizations hold a community impact fund at the Foundation, or simply work with our organization. Either way, Eden Prairie wins!

PeopleFest is an example of many organizations working in collaboration.

Great things happen when you put your heads, hands and hearts together. This is why the Foundation is looking to collaborate with others.

For example, we collaborate with the city and schools on events like “The GIVE Gathering” volunteer fair and “State of the City, Schools and Foundation.” We have worked with the Eden Prairie Human Rights & Diversity Commission on an event called Culture ‘N Motion. And we have partnered with lots of different organization to launch an annual event called PeopleFest.

Also, you may not be aware that a number of fabulous but small charitable organizations are working below the radar in Eden Prairie, and many of them are affiliated with the Foundation.

The organizations listed here are making an impact, and we’re proud to be their fiscal sponsor, meaning they keep their fund at the Foundation and we provide tax deductibility, take care of their money, and provide a small amount of administrative services, such as thanking their donors.

We call these organizations “community impact partners” because they are small-but-mighty groups with which we have a great relationship. We refer to their Foundation funds as “community impact funds” because they are making a difference in Eden Prairie.

(Are you connected with a group that has a charitable purpose in Eden Prairie? One that needs a fiscal sponsor so it can concentrate on its mission and fundraising? Becoming a community impact partner with the Foundation might be the way to go. For more information, contact Executive Director Mark Weber at 952-949-8499 or [email protected].)

You can make a donation to any of these organizations via the “Donate” page on this website. Be sure to note in the “Comment” box which organization your donation is meant to benefit.

Here are our community impact partners, with some information on what they do and who to contact:

Eden Prairie Reads is a community-wide program designed to promote reading, encourage discussion, and strive for better understanding and connections within the community. Each year, a different book is selected for the program and activities are planned around the theme of that book. For more information, go to

EP-Beyond the Yellow Ribbon unites all areas within the community to create a comprehensive network that connects and coordinates agencies, organizations, and employers, for the purpose of proactively supporting veterans, active duty service members and the many military families within our community. You can find EP-BTYR on Facebook at

EP Schools – School Supply Fund supports the annual effort to provide back-to-school supplies to children from families-in-need. Many organizations collaborate to make this effort possible, including the Eden Prairie Schools, PROP, and area churches. The fund is supported by Eden Prairie corporation, families, and individuals.

Eden Prairie Local News (EPLN) is  is a nonprofit, citizen-run, reader- and business-supported media organization that provides local, non-partisan, accurate, and informed news about Eden Prairie, including journalistic reports on our city government, local schools, businesses, economic and development initiatives, arts and culture, sports, spiritual matters, diversity, civic organizations, community events, and more. It operates a news website at

The Friends of Eden Prairie Players has been established to ensure the future of community theater in Eden Prairie. It supports the Eden Prairie Players, a program of the City of Eden Prairie that offers a variety of shows each season to please all types of audiences. To learn more about the Eden Prairie players go to

Interfaith Circle convenes spiritual and religious people to celebrate, learn and serve with each other in the increasingly plural southwest corner of the metropolitan area. Known for its annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Celebration in Eden Prairie, Interfaith Circle has a diverse leadership team representing many spiritual paths and faith traditions. They share a common commitment to supporting greater understanding between religious and spiritual groups in the interest of creating a more peaceful world. For more information about Interfaith Circle, go to

Marilyn’s TWOcan joyfully coordinates with numerous senior living centers across the metro area to provide free bike rides for residents. Whether riders are fully ambulatory or confined to wheelchairs, all are able to enjoy the wind in their hair and sunshine on their faces as they are pedaled through parks and neighborhoods.

Onward Eden Prairie is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to help young adults (age 18-22) experiencing homelessness or housing instability by providing stable housing and support. It offers four rooms for rent in a single-family home in Eden Prairie. Tenants have access to common space in the house for cooking, laundry and socializing. A full time case manager from Oasis for Youth works with tenants to set personal goals, help them work towards their goals, and help them learn necessary life skills which will enable them to move into a more traditional type of rental. For more information, go to

Southwest Pride is a community-impact fund at the Foundation. It supports the Pride community in the southwest metro area, including Eden Prairie. The fund was started at the end of 2019.

Here are some photos from various activities conducted by our community impact partners:

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