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Tap our knowledge. The Foundation's trusted expertise and deep knowledge of Eden Prairie mean that your philanthropy will have a big impact.

Your Philanthropy + Our Knowledge = Big Impact

The Foundation uses workshops such as this to identify community needs and priorities.

The Foundation uses workshops such as this to identify community needs and priorities.

There are a lot of nonprofit organizations you can help. Many are good, some are great. Some are not worth the investment. How can you possibly be knowledgeable about them all? Fortunately you don’t have to be.

When you make a donation to or start a fund at the Eden Prairie Community Foundation, we use our leadership and our knowledge of Eden Prairie to get the biggest impact with your gift. So, why entrust us with your donation dollars?

Reason 1: No One Knows Eden Prairie Nonprofits Like We Do

We routinely meet with community leaders and volunteers, as well as nonprofit leaders, to learn more about Eden Prairie’s greatest needs, and what’s on the horizon.

Reason 2: No One Can Hold Nonprofits Accountable Like We Do

We use a Grants Committee composed of board members and citizens to review and filter grant applications so that the greatest community needs receive your dollars. Then we require grant recipients to document the impact they’ve had.

Reason 3: No One Understands Eden Prairie’s Needs Like We Do

Our bylaws require that board members come from a wide cross-section of the community — people from city government, schools, the business community, clergy, and civic organizations. That means our knowledge of Eden Prairie is wide, and deep.

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Want to make sure your philanthropy has the biggest impact possible? Use the Eden Prairie Community Foundation as a vehicle for your giving. Please contact Mark Weber, executive director, to learn about your options.

Are you interested in leaving a legacy? Download our two-pager on planned giving:

EPCF Planned Giving Overview (PDF)

Give your way

While unrestricted donations to the Eden Prairie Community Foundation are routed to the greatest local needs, you can also direct your contribution to a specific fund held at the Foundation, or a particular interest area.

Better yet, you and your family can become grant-makers by starting a fund at the Foundation. Be in touch to learn more.

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