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We provide knowledge and help to local nonprofits because doing so makes Eden Prairie better!

The Nonprofit Coffee Klatch gathers local leaders monthly for advice and collaboration.

The Foundation makes Eden Prairie better by strengthening the local nonprofit community. Not just through grants to fill unmet needs, but with collaboration and advice.

For example, we gather informally with local nonprofit leaders every month through the Nonprofit Coffee Klatch. It’s a way to share information, get advice, and find ways to work together.

Another way the Foundation helps strengthen nonprofits is through the annual GIVE Gathering volunteer fair held with the City of Eden Prairie and Eden Prairie Schools Community Education. In an open house format, people who may be interested in volunteer opportunities are invited to mix with local nonprofits who have volunteer opportunities available.

We’re convinced a strong nonprofit community makes for a better Eden Prairie.

If you’re a nonprofit, here are a few links to helpful resources and information:

If you’re a resident in need of nonprofit resources, the Family Resources Program of Eden Prairie Schools has an online list of Community Resources that may be helpful.

Are you an Eden Prairie nonprofit that would like to gather with your peers through the monthly Nonprofit Coffee Klatch? Contact the Foundation’s executive director, Mark Weber, at [email protected] or (952) 949-8499 to get on the e-mail list used to schedule meetings.


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