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Eden Prairie Community Foundation grants aren't for everyone. So, we'll help you determine if you're eligible to make an application.

Applying for a Grant? Follow These Steps

We've improved our grant-application process.

We’ve improved our grant-application process.

We want the Eden Prairie Community Foundation’s grant-application process to be as open and transparent as possible, so we’ve outlined a series of steps for you to take.

At any step of the way, from inspiration to execution, feel free to ask for help. You can contact the Foundation’s executive director at [email protected]. You may also wish to download our PDF overview of the 2018 grants program.

Priorities, Guidelines and Processes for EPCF 2018 Grants (PDF)

Step 1 — Take the Eligibility Quiz

Not everyone is eligible for an Eden Prairie Community Foundation grant, and by taking the Eligibility Quiz, you can determine if you meet the basic criteria. Have you already done so? Great! Let’s move on to…

Step 2 — Submit a Letter of Inquiry

An inquiry to the Foundation is strongly encouraged prior to submitting a full application. Provide some basic information about and a description of your project, and submit it to the Foundation at [email protected].

Step 3 — Submit an Application

If an inquiry aligns with the Foundation’s funding priorities, you’ll be encouraged to submit a full proposal. For its next round of granting, the Foundation will begin taking applications Nov. 1, 2017 and the deadline for submissions is Dec. 22, 2017. Applications and materials must be submitted electronically to [email protected].

The Foundation asks that you submit a Minnesota Common Grant Application and a Self-Certification Checklist. Copies of both documents can be downloaded from here.

Step 4 — Applications Are Reviewed

We’ll acknowledge your application, and may also request additional information as our Grant Committee’s review gets under way. Proposals will be reviewed for their strength and alignment with Foundation priorities, their potential benefit to the community, the number of Eden Prairie people impacted, and the ability of the organization to achieve the proposed outcomes. You should know that the Foundation typically gets more requests than can be funded.

Step 5 — Grant Decisions Are Made

The Foundation’s Grant Committee reviews the applications, with assistance from the executive director, and makes a recommendation to the organization’s Board of Directors. You’ll be notified of the outcome once the Board has made its final grant-making decisions. If your application is denied, feel free to contact the executive director for insight about the decision.

Step 6 — Funds Are Disbursed

When a grant is approved, a grant agreement is sent to you for review and approval. Grant checks are awarded at the Foundation’s EP Gives event, which will be held April 28, 2018 at Oak Ridge Hotel & Conference Center in Chaska. Grant projects need to be completed within one year, unless otherwise noted. A final project report — including photographs — is due two months prior to the end of the grant period.


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