How to Apply

Eden Prairie Community Foundation grants aren't for everyone. So, we'll help you determine if you're eligible to make an application.

Applying for a Grant? Follow These Steps

We've improved our grant-application process.

We’re here to help you with your Foundation grant application.

We want the Eden Prairie Community Foundation’s grant-application process to be as open and transparent as possible, so we’ve outlined a series of steps for you to take.

At any step of the way, from inspiration to execution, feel free to ask for help. You can contact the Foundation’s executive director, Mark Weber, at [email protected].  If you are interested in applying for a Foundation grant, we highly recommend that you download the “Priorities, Guidelines and Processes” document below and follow the steps outlined there and on this page.

Priorities, Guidelines and Processes for EPCF 2021 Grants (PDF)

Step 1 — Take the Eligibility Quiz

Our simple online quiz will help to determine if you qualify for a grant. The quiz is located at

Step 2 — Submit Inquiry

If our Eligibility Quiz has indicated that you qualify for a grant, the next step is to make an inquiry. Provide a short description of your project or proposal and how it will address an unmet need in Eden Prairie. Submit by e-mail to the Foundation’s executive director, Mark Weber, at [email protected].

Step 3 — Submit an Application

If an inquiry aligns with one of the Foundation’s priority areas and fills a local need, an organization will be encouraged to submit a full application. The Foundation will accept applications for 2021 grants starting Nov. 1, 2020 and ending Dec. 23, 2020. Applications and materials must be submitted electronically to Mark Weber by e-mail at [email protected].

The Foundation accepts the Minnesota Common Grant Application. Organizations that wish to submit the Minnesota Common Grant Application are also required to submit the Self-Certification Checklist.

Download the Self-Certification Checklist (Microsoft Word document)

Step 4– Application Reviewed

Applications are acknowledged as they are submitted. Staff will contact you if there are follow-up questions or more information is needed. Proposals will be reviewed for the strength of the match with funding priorities, the potential benefit to the community, the extent to which an unmet need is being met, the number of residents impacted, and the capability of the organization to achieve the proposed results.

Step 5 — Grant Awarded or Declined

Staff, committees, corporate partners, and fund holders review the proposals with the executive director. The EPCF Board of Directors makes the final grant determination and presents the grants at the spring EP Gives event. Organizations will be notified of the outcome of their proposal once the Board makes the final grant-making decision, typically in February or March. If a proposal is declined, you may contact staff to engage in further discussion regarding the outcome. Keep in mind that the Foundation receives more applications than it is able to fund.

Step 6 — Funds Disbursed

When a grant is approved, a grant agreement will be sent to you for your review and completion. Upon the return of the signed agreement, a check will be processed for presentation at our EP Gives event in spring 2021.


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