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Latest COVID-19 grant is to PROP for rental assistance

Nearly half of PROP clients spend more than 50 percent of their income on housing. One-quarter of the Eden Prairie-based organization’s clients spend more than 80 percent on putting a roof over their head. And this was before the COVID-19 pandemic! It’s no surprise, therefore, that emergency help for paying rent is a big need […] Read more

Your Support of EP Neighbors Looks a Little Different This Year

If you are a creature of habit, 2020 has been one very difficult year. Many things we once regarded as routine have been upended: gathering with friends and relatives, hand-shaking and hugging, collaborating face-to-face at work. These and more have been altered because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s also likely that your typical support of […] Read more

Creating a ‘hub’ to link service providers with people in need

Mention “hub” and you might think about the central part of a wheel, with spokes radiating outward. But a “hub” can also be a center of activity, and that’s what the Eden Prairie Community Foundation has in mind when it talks about creating more coordination and connection between social services provided by nonprofits and other […] Read more

All About the Foundation in Just 11 Slides

We were challenged to use just a a few minutes and a handful of slides to explain the Eden Prairie Community Foundation. Here’s what we came up with […] Read more

News start-up creates a fund at the Foundation

After extensive research, and encouraged by the results of a public-opinion survey, a group of Eden Prairie residents is pursuing a news start-up that would help inform and engage the community with local reporting. (This article was updated Aug. 6, 2020.) Their work since May has led to the creation of a new community-impact fund […] Read more




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